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Digest Submission

The Digest submission period is OPEN!

If you need help with the submission process, please send a message to

Submission Instructions
Important - Please Read!
  • Oral Presenters: If you select "Oral" presentation, you will be expected to present in-person in Rio de Janeiro. There will be no virtual presentation option for oral presenters (invited and contributed short oral).
  • Poster Presenters: If you select "Poster" presentation, you will have the option to present in-person or virtually which you must indicate when submitting your digest. When you select presentation type “Poster”, you will be required to select either "In-person" or “Virtual” for your presentation format.
  • In-person oral and poster presenters will NOT be required to submit a prerecorded presentation or electronic poster; however, in-person presenters will have the option to submit presentation slides or an electronic poster to the Digital Conference Library.
  • Virtual poster presenters will be required to submit an electronic poster prior to the Conference which will be included in the Digital Conference Library. There will be no live presentation or Q&A available for virtual poster presenters.
  • In-person presenters will receive their presentation date and time in the author notification letters sent by February 12, 2024.
Digest Acceptance Criteria

To maximize your chances of acceptance, follow the submission requirements and keep in mind the following digest acceptance criteria used by the Program Committee:

  • Choose your category and subcategory with care (this helps ensure the most informed review of your digest.)
  • The digest must report a substantial advance in the science of magnetism and magnetic materials.
  • The advance in knowledge must be both original and significant.
  • The work reported must be substantially complete, with specific reference to new results. Sufficient context and details must be included to allow the Program Committee to assess the work.
  • The Program Committee wishes to permit as many groups as possible to present their work. Groups or individuals considering the submission of several related digests should, wherever possible, combine them into a single submission.
  • Inclusion of figures with recent data, calculations, or predictions is often an effective demonstration of complete work.
  • The digest must be written in clear English. If necessary, please have a native English speaker edit your digest before submission.
Digest Submission Requirements
How to Submit a Digest

All digest must be submitted electronically. The digest submission link will be available starting November 17, 2023. Digest submission deadline postponed to Sunday, January 14, 2024.

  • Acknowledgment of your submission will be sent via email. If you do not receive an email confirmation, your digest has not been submitted. Please check the email address that you entered into the online system.
  • The presenting author must be a paid registrant at the Conference. The Conference does not provide financial support or registration fee waivers for any presentations.
Online Submission Procedures
  • Intermag 2024 will use a two-page digest format. Templates to prepare your two-page digest are provided below. You may use either MS Word, or LaTeX to produce a PDF file for submission to the conference.
  • Later, authors may choose to publish accepted digests in the Magnetics Society's Digital Library on IEEEXplore. Each published digest will receive a unique digital object identifier (DOI). Along with other conference-related material, the collection of digests on IEEE Xplore will serve as an archival record of the conference. Additional details will be included in the digest acceptance notifications to be sent in February 2024. Publication of digests will still allow authors to publish their accepted full papers in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics or, in some cases, the Magnetics Society's Digital Library.
Digest Edits
  • Draft mode will be available until the submission deadline date so authors may edit digests until then.
  • If you change your mind about your digest after you submit it, you may either edit the digest by putting it in Draft mode or you may withdraw the original digest and submit a new one.
  • If you edit a digest in Draft mode, you must resubmit it when you are finished, or it will not be reviewed. Digests left in Draft mode are not submitted.
  • Detailed instructions on the submission process will be available online in the submission system.
  • Please carefully proofread each portion of your digest. You will not be able to add authors this submission once the submission site has closed.

Please, press button below to proceed with your digest submission:

Important observation for researchers from São Paulo state: a collective solicitation to FAPESP will be made to cover the expenses of São Paulo state participants.
The main criteria to be eligible for such funding are: i) be a Ph.D., working in an institution in São Paulo state; ii) the presented work must be related with a current FAPESP funding or finished for no more than three years; iii) explicitly mention in the digest the FAPESP process number associated with the results (e.g., in the acknowledgment section). In case of doubts, please contact Julio Criginski Cezar, CNPEM (, member of the National Support Committee. We would like to emphasize that the solicitation will be sent after the evaluation of the submitted digests, thus, at the moment we can not be sure such support will be granted.