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Nominations for Invited Speakers and Symposia

Nominations, for both single invited speakers and whole symposia, should be submitted online via the ScholarOne system (see link below). Symposia typically contain 6 invited talks, focused on a single theme of particularly high interest to the magnetism and magnetic materials community. In addition, the Program Committee may also select a few contributed diggests on late-breaking results for upgrades to invited status.

IMPORTANT: All invited speakers (single speakers and symposia) will be expected to present onsite in Rio de Janeiro. Please confirm with the persons being nominated that they agree to present in-person.

To increase the possibility of success of your nomination, please consider...

  • including speakers who have not given invited talks in the most recent Intermag and MMM conferences;
  • keeping in mind diversity of topics and speakers from our community;
  • listing recent references related to the nominated work;
  • commenting on the presentation capability and availability of the speakers;
  • having a very attractive symposium title

A nomination does not guarantee an invited talk. All invited speakers will be contacted directly by the Program Co-Chairs. Regardless of the nomination outcome, a digest must be submitted separately for consideration to be part of the technical program. The digest submission site opens on November 17, 2023 and closes on January 08, 2024.