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Where to Eat and Shop


Regular meals are not included in the INTERMAG 2024 fees, but for the attendees’ information and convenience, we show in the map below some options near the conference center, as alternatives to the restaurants available in the hotels. Most do not require a reservation, but it is always a good idea to call and check.

Restaurants map

- Picanha & Etc (, +5521 2493-2021): the closest to the conference center, about 50 m west, it offers noble meat cuts served on hot plates directly at your table.

- Fratelli (, +5521 2494-6644, 2494-7411, 2178-1240): also very close, it is an Italian restaurant next to Barra Palace Residence Hotel, about 100 m east of the conference center.

- Oceânico Sushi Bar (+55 21 3154-5551): located at the beach street, about 150 m east of the conference center.

- Tourão (, +5521 2493-4011, 2493-4055, 2493-6536): typical Brazilian all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant, about 600 m east of the conference center (typically a 10-15-minute walk).

- Paris 6 ( French restaurant, located 600 m west of the conference center - typically a 10-15-minute walk).

Shopping Malls

Barra da Tijuca is a neighborhood with several shopping centers, of various types and styles. To reach any of them you need to take a taxi or an Uber, which typically take 10-15 minutes (not considering rush hour traffic). We provide below information about two of such shopping centers, which provide good restaurant options.

- Downtown Shopping: this is an open mall shopping center with several good restaurants. However, it is not a good option in case of rain or extreme heat.

Downtown map

- Rio Design Center Barra: located further away west of the conference center, it offers excellent restaurants and various stores. During rush hour traffic, it might take up to 40 minutes to reach.

Barra da Tijuca map