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Intermag 2024 useful information

1. Intermag 2024 meeting points and staff at the Rio de Janeiro International (GIG) and Santos Dumont airport SDU).

Members of the Intermag 2024 local staff will be in desks/desks located at:

- International and Domestic Arrival Rooms (both) of GIG. They are located just outside the exit door to the airport hall. Look for the Intermag 2024 banner and people using Intermag 2024 T-shirts. They will orient you where to get the taxi etc. The official taxi company is AEROCOOP. Ask for the Intermag 2024 price.

- Santos Dumont Airport (SDU). They are located right at the exit of Arrival Room A. Look for the Intermag 2024 banner and people using Intermag 2024 T-shirts. The official taxi company is AEROS DUMONT. Ask for the Intermag 2024 price.

2. Weather during the Intermag 2024 conference.

A heat wave advisory is active over Central Brazil, including the Rio de Janeiro area, thanks to the intense El Niño Effect that started in late September 2023.

Temperatures are expected to be 6-8C above the average for early May. The advisory is valid up to May 10. Days will be sunny with clear skies, except for some fog in early mornings due to the difference of temperature between the sea water and the air.

Highs: 35C -37C
Lows: 19C - 23C

Moisture levels are expected to be low, particularly during parts of the day. Drink a lot of water and use sunscreen if you go out into the sunlight between 10am and 3pm.

Sea temperature: 19C - 23C

Note: If you go swimming, follow the recommendations of the lifeguard service, provided by the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department. Flags indicated the places you should avoid.

3. Sightseeing and partner Travel Agency

The Travel Agency Whereelse Turismo will have a desk at the Intermag 2024 Exhibit Hall to help attendees make their own sightseeing options.
Contact Number: +55 21 96596969 (attn Mr Eduardo Acklas)

4. Dengue Fever and related

Although in some areas of Brazil the situation is more complicated, there is no Dengue fever outbreak in Rio de Janeiro. If you feel comfortable, bring your repellent that has to be used only if you intend to do sightseeing in forest areas. You may find them in any local pharmacy.

5. Useful Safety Tips

- Don't carry your passport with you. You won't need it. Make a copy of the main page or take a picture with your cell phone, and leave the original at the Hotel. If you wish, carry your driver license or ID with you, not the passport.

- Avoid using expensive jewelry or gold artifacts in crowded places. Prefer ornaments that are not real jewelry.

- Avoid using public transportation buses unless you are familiar with them. Subway is OK. Uber and oficial taxis are OK.